Building Inspections

Get an independent building inspector in for a pre-purchase inspection before making your final decision

Handover Inspection

Identify any outstanding defects or incomplete finishes, making sure the building will meet standards

Condition Report

Identifies any visible cracks or movement within the property and its surrounds including the driveway, paths, and fences.

Pre-purchase Property Inspections

We can provide you with both a pre-purchase building inspection and a termite/pest inspection on the same day, with a detailed report sent to you within 24 hours. This has many advantages over using two companies to do both

  • Considerable Savings
  • One point of contact: Book once and pay once
  • Only one inspection required

Pre-sale Property Inspections

A pre-sale report will serve useful in detecting any structural issues and repairs needed before the selling date arrives. This way, you can show that the property is safe and sound which will attract more potential buyers and may raise the listing price.

  • No unexpected surprises when it comes to valuation
  • Ensures a smooth process to the settlement of the contract for your property
  • Helps you to achieve the best market price for the property

Dilapidation (Condition) Report

Often defects can appear without explanation. If you have identified an item of concern within your property and would like a second opinion from a suitably licensed and qualified inspector then you should get a special purpose inspection.

Defects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Subsidence
  • Excessive moisture
  • Ceiling deflection/deformation

Inspection Service Prices

Price lists on our website are just a Guideline. Contact us to obtain Tailored Quote for your inspection.

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