Get an independent building inspector in for a pre-purchase inspection before making your final decision

Zoom Building Inspections is one of the largest purchases you will make. It makes sense to do your homework and get an independent building inspector in for a pre-purchase inspection before making your final decision, just like you would get a vehicle checked over by a mechanic before handing over your money. Whether you’re buying a family home or an investment property, a building inspection will ensure you’re making the right choice as a fully-informed buyer.

Don’t leave such an important part of the property buying process to the inexperienced. Get a licenced expert from Zoombuilding Inspectionse to thoroughly check the property and provide you with a comprehensive building inspection report so you can move on to the next step fast.

  • Comprehensive property inspections
  • Detailed building report within 24 hours
  • We deal with the agent on your behalf

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The Building Inspection Process: What’s Involved?
The building inspection process starts with an inspector visiting the property in question and conducting a thorough inspection of all accessible parts of the property to look for any underlying issues and damage. Typically, your inspector will check the following areas:

  • Interior of the building
  • The exterior of the building
  • Roof space
  • Under-floor space
  • Roof exterior (subject to health and safety regulations)
  • Garage, carport and garden shed
  • Separate laundry or toilet
  • Small retaining walls (ie. non-structural)
  • Steps, fencing, paths and driveways

A detailed Building Inspection or Property Report is then provided to you within 24-48 hours. It’s important to note that the pre-purchase report is not an all-encompassing document dealing with every aspect of the property, and it is not a warranty against further building defects.

The purpose of a building inspection is to warn you about any significant damage to the building such as structural damage or major defects that could impact on the property’s structural integrity and needs to be carried out by a professional. A qualified building inspector will have the experience needed to find the most common building defects and faults and give advice on the significance of the fault.

However its important to seek additional advice from a relevant professional, such as an electrician, engineer, plumber or carpenter, to further determine the severity of any defect found as well as the cost to correct it. In some extreme cases an underlying issue could end up costing the property buyer thousands of dollars to rectify.

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We highly recommended that you are present during the inspection so that your inspector can point out any areas of concern and answer any questions you may have. In conjunction with a standard building inspection we generally recommend carrying out a termite and pest inspection on the property as well. These often go hand in hand to ensure the property is safe from existing termite pest damage or infestation.

Our experienced inspectors are licensed to perform pre-purchase pest inspections using the latest equipment including thermal imaging technology and moisture meters to detect the presence of termites.

Ask us about getting a combined building and pest inspection and save off the total inspection cost.

Building Inspections Explained
A Building Inspection Report (or a Pre Purchase Building Inspection for newly constructed homes) is a comprehensive report that comments on structural defects or damage, conditions conducive to structural damage, as well as any defects in the condition of secondary and finishing elements to the property.

The building and pest inspection report will also highlight any areas the inspector was unable to access on the day of the property inspection. Photographs may show defects and/or areas of concern that the inspector has noticed in the course of the building inspection. View our gallery from previous inspections to see some of our findings.

The Building Inspection Report will contain a description of the property and the materials used in the construction of the building, and is typically conducted prior to the purchase of a property. In fact, the QBCC recommends making it a condition of your contract that you are satisfied with the outcome of your inspection and can sometimes even influence the overall purchase price of a property.