With our comprehensive pre-sale reports you can sell your property with complete peace of mind.

  • No unexpected surprises when it comes to valuation
  • Ensures a smooth process to the settlement of the contract for your property
  • Helps you to achieve the best market price for the property

It is a common misconception that building inspections are only of value to the buyer or real estate agent, not the seller (vendor) of a property. When in fact, there are many benefits of having a pre-sale building and pest inspection on your property before you put it to market.

A pre-sale report will serve useful in detecting any structural issues and repairs needed before the selling date arrives. This way, you can show that the property is safe and sound which will attract more potential buyers and may raise the listing price.

Having a pre-sale inspection will assist both seller and potential buyer in the valuation of a property, whether to renegotiate in terms of immediate repair costs, market value adjustments, or contract termination in case of severe faults.

What is covered in a Pre-Sales Inspection?

Our Pre-Sale Building Inspections seek to assess whether a property lives up to the standard building codes and will examine the building’s condition and integrity.

One of our licensed and certified building inspectors will be responsible for conducting the property inspection, and will deliver a detailed written building report within 24 hours.

The building inspection report will clearly outline the findings and the summary of the methods undertaken in examining the building. Specifically, it contains an individual report on collective minor defects, visible major damages and safety hazards. Wherever a major fault or hazard is pinpointed, the building inspector will indicate its location and detail the reason why it is considered a major problem.

The inspector will also provide advice on what repairs to prioritise and how to properly remediate the problems.

A building inspection covers all reachable sections of the asset and excludes areas that are obscured or blocked. Some of the areas and items included in the building inspection are:

Interior of the building
The exterior of the building
Roof space
Under-floor space
Roof exterior (subject to health and safety regulations)
Garage, carport and garden shed
Separate laundry or toilet
Small retaining walls (ie. non-structural)
Steps, fencing, paths and driveways

Sell your property with confidence

Prospective buyers will already attempt to reduce the sales price. If their own pre-purchase building inspection raises issues this will give them even more bargaining power. This can potentially lead to a reduction in the offering price by tens of thousands of dollars. With this form of leverage, any vendor that needs to sell quickly for whatever reason will have little choice but to either fix the situation or reduce the property price just to conclude the sale.

We often hear Vendors say “I should have had my own inspection done prior to the sale, so there wouldn’t have been any surprises and I could have had all the issues attended to beforehand”. How good would it be to sell your property with confidence, knowing that you have attended to any issues that could potentially affect a ‘hassle-free’ speedy sale?

With our Pre-Sale Inspections, you may even be able to use your written building and pest report as an additional marketing tool to assist with the sales process.

Zoom Building Inspections would be more than happy to carry out a Pre-Sale Building Inspection and help ensure that your property is in the best possible condition before it goes on the market.

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